Sunday, March 7, 2010

Queen Bee, by Chynna Clugston

Queen Bee, by Chynna Clugston. New York: Graphix, 2005. 112 p.

Haley Madison was always a total geek, until, in 7th grade, she develops psychokinesis. When she moves to a new school, she feels like she can finally be cool. She is smart, funny and finally popular! She sits at the cool table until another girl with the same powers moves in. They constantly compete and sabatoge each other, until a final showdown at the school talent night. Does Haley really want to be one of the cool girls?

Clugston's graphic novel is fast-paced and captures the way middle school girls really do compete with each other. In the end, Haley learns the lesson that popularity isn't everything, and it's better to have friends who like you for what you really are. This was a fun read and will appeal to girls (not boys, sadly) who are reluctant readers.

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