Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bodies from the Bog, by James M. Deem

This nonfiction book examines the existence of "bog bodies"--bodies that were preserved as mummies in the peat bogs of Northern Europe. Some of these bodies are over 2000 years old! Deem looks at the history of bog body discoveries, as well as the life of a bog and the things anthropologists and other scientists look for as they examine these bodies.

This book is great because it combines gruesome photographs of found bodies with basic scientific discussions. It has great cover appeal (the ick factor of mummies!), and will interest boys who are reluctant readers, as well as any tween with a budding interest in anthropology (especially if they have ever watched the TV series Bones!).

This book was selected a Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Adult Readers by the ALA, and was placed on the VOYA Nonfiction Honor List in 1999. Additional awards and reviews can be found on the author's website at


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